How to make a Pompom Poppy

1. You will Need: Yarn – Red, Light Green and Black. A pompom maker (whatever size you want) or a cardboard pompom template . A sharp pair of scissors (must be sharp). A safety pin or brooch pin.


2. Starting form the inner side of the pompom maker, take the green yarn and wrap it around the centre of one half of the pompom maker 20 times. Cut and tie the two loose ends together at the inside to make it secure.


3. Take the black Yarn and, starting again from the centre of the pompom maker, at the edge of the green area, wrap around over the green yarn twice, four times – spacing each 2 strand section apart evenly, ending at the other edge of the green yarn (doesn’t matter which end you start at).Cut and tie the two loose ends together at the inside to make it secure.


4. Wrap burgundy, dark red or brown yarn around each side of the green and black area. Space it out thinly and evenly so that it is approimately the width of the green/black area each side. Tie the two loose ends together at the inside to make it secure.


5. Now completely cover half of one side of the pompom maker with red yarn, making sure you stop just before the center of the pompom ring half. Make sure this section is well covered with yarn as this will form the main petal section of the flower.


6. Wrap the burgundy/dark red/brown yarn around the pompom maker at the centre, directly adjacent to the red yarn, 8 times. Cut and tie the ends together on the inside of the pompom maker to secure.


7. Now cover the rest of the half with red yarn so that all of the half is evenly covered.


8. Wrap the green yarn around the other half of the pompom maker. Don’t fill it quite as full as the red side – this will form the calyx at the back of the flower, and will need to be smaller than the red/front half.


9. Connect both sides of the pompom maker to make a continuous ring .


10. Using a nice sharp pain of scissors, snip in between the discs and cut the strands to make the pompom.                                                                  Tip: Inserting the fingers, of the hand you’re not using, into the centre of the rings, will help keep the strands from becoming loose and falling away before you secure them. Slip a single strand of red yarn (about 20cm long) between the two discs and tie around the centre. Don’t forget to remove your fingers before you do this. tie as tightly as possible. Wrap around and tie again to make it extra secure. Carefully remove the pompom maker.


11. Here it is. Not quite what you were hoping for? No – you’re going to need to trim it to get the shape you want. Trim close to the centre green area, and less close on the red outer of the pompom – just enough to make it even or you can indent it slightly where the darker red is to give it some slight petal definition. Any coloured area that don’t need can be simply snipped away.


Don’t worry if it feels as though you’re cutting a lot away. This is somtimes necessary to get the shape and density you need.


Tadahhhhh! Finish off with a felt leaf (you can find a template for one HERE). This can be sewn, or glued to the Poppy (latex glue or a glue gun are best).  This, as well as finishing it off nicely, makes it easier to attact to a brooch pin or safety pin.

You can make your Poppy simpler by leaving out the dark red/burgundy/brown yarn section, or if you’re a total beginner, you can simply replace the green with black yarn and just make the rest red. It’s up to you.

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