I can’t believe it’s Christmas already. Where did this year go? I had such good posting intensions.

I’ve made plenty of stuff but, as a lot of you out there know, posting is one thing, but writing patterns and giving instructions – well that takes it to another level. I guess 2016 just got in the way. But… I can’t let christmas come and go without a Christmas post, so here’s something anyone can do with a computer and a printer.

I’m not using fancy wrapping paper this year -in fact I haven’t done for a while. As far as wrapping presents goes – you name it, I’ve done it at some point – patterned, plain, modern, back to traditional. geometric, abstract, metallic, irridescent, monochrome, neon and every colour you can think of. I suppose I kind of just got bored or let’s just say I reached saturation point. I’m not the only one it seems. In recent years the backlash against mass consumption has brought back into favour, good old brown paper. Without doubt there’s pleasure in the simplicity of this stuff, but I’m not ready to embrace that just yet.  There is still a need to embellish. – it is Christmas after all.

I can’t pretend this is my idea – i’ve seen this around, but I just wanted to do it differently so I’ve done my own version.

It’s a reindeer wrapping free printable. A good one for the little ones especially. I used card so that the antlers would stand out, but ordinary paper on the standard print setting will do fine. All you need is a glue stick, a steady hand and a little bit of patience to cut it out. I’ve included two sizes – one for larger presents and one for the smaller boxes. you can play around with the sizes, by changing the percentage in the print setting. The small one works well on envelopes too.



It’s a nice way of presenting a gift voucher, or it can transform a plain brown paper bag.



If you’re using brown paper this year – or perhaps you’ve just ran out of the other stuff and just can bear the thought of hitting those shops again, all is not lost – give it a go.



Merry Christmas