It’s high time I time did another buggy blanket. It’s well into March, the Daffs are out and the days are getting longer.  Dunno about you, but I’m  ready for some colour.

It’s ages since I did a baby project – I saw the baby I made the last blanket for, running along the street this morning on his sisters school run. It’s quite a while since he was in any buggy ….and there have been no new babies recently. But then…who needs an excuse to make a blanket ? Certainly not me.Y


This one is bright and chunky and warm. It’s crocheted in a simple, relatively uncommon stitch which, when combined with other colours in this way, gives a lovely tweedy loose-woven blankety effect. A little bit tribal with a funky twist – thus the name.

It has a light stretchy construction which makes it warm but   airy – just as suitable for the warmer seasons as for winter. It makes up surprisingly quickly.


I added small multi-colour pompom to each corner – just to give it that extra special finish.

You can stick to the colours I’ve used or be creative and come up with your own combo. It needn’t be bright – would work just as well in more muted shades, monochromatic tones, or even a mixture of clashing primaries.

What cool mum-to be wouldn’t love a gift like this? In fact, who’s to stop you sizing up the length and width to make a full-on proper blanket? I’m thinking of doing that myself.




You can get my Disco Navajo Buggy Blanket Pattern