It’s a while since I’ve properly partied for Halloween. The closest I come now is roaming around the local streets with a load of youngsters, knocking on doors and badgering the good folk of my ‘hood for sweets.

You’ve got to take the fun where you can get it

After years of already looking like a zombie and wanting to hide away in a during the hours of daylight, we were invited to a small pre-‘trick or treat’ gathering a couple of years ago. I began to feel a glimmer of my ’entering-into-the-spirit’ mojo returning. The parenthood zombie costume was already sorted, and as the main purpose was to drink wine while the kids terrorise the neighbourhood, I though I’d design some creepy wine bottle labels just for fun. They raised a smile or two.

These days I’m happy with a glass of wine and a good film but don’t think my Halloween Party days are over just yet. In the meantime it’s seems a shame not to share them. So I’ve made them into a downloadable printable, and until tomorrow evening, they’re free.

They’re 12cm (just under 5”) by 12cm so they pretty much fit over any existing wine label – if not, you’ve got the wrong wine. You can also enlarge if necessary. They can be printed off on paper, cut out and stuck on easily with a regular glue stick. Make sure the paper is not too thick (ie card would not be suitable). Paper and print quality is not so important here as the idea is that they look old and worn.