The wearing of face coverings has been mandatory in contained public spaces for ahile now. A noticeable lack of social distancing means that it can be stressful out there and there’s a certain amount of comfort to be had from wearing one. It makes me feel slightly safer but no less cautious. And then there’s the social responsibilty – doing my bit not to spread anything that I may have.

But one is not enough. You need at least two. I’ve made re-usable coverings for friends, family and community volunteers when I’ve been able to find the odd half hour here and there between all the life stuff. They’re comfortable and easily washed and dried, and they’ve been pretty useful. We have about 6 which we can easily rotate between us. They’re so much less wasteful than disposable mask, they dont create landfill, and can work out much less expensive in the end. I’m lucky that I can make what my family need in a situation like this.

But what If You Can't Or Don't Sew?

I know…not everyone sews. Not everyone CAN sew, not everyone WANTS to sew. Some folk just don’t have the tools… or the space – more so now, when every workable surface is occupied by home workers and looking after children. Some folk are just plain busy and some simply can’t face it. These are strange times and the last thing you want is the stress of being expected to turn into a craft guru.

A No-Sew Face Covering

There is an easy, no sew alternative.  and who says it has to be sewn – gluing is perfectly acceptable. There are some good fabric glues out there. I’ve actually glued garment prototypes together before today.

I did my research and looked at several online tutorials – being a product developer it’s second nature. My findings were varied. All of the ones I saw worked to varying degrees, some easy, others more fiddly, some that fit well and some that don’t. Nothing I found ticked all of the boxes. Nothing no-sew met the criteria of a good, workable face mask with the wearability and longevity if the type I explored in my last post.


So can A No-Sew Face Covering Be As Good As A Sewn Covering?

My opinon is this …..  a no sew mask will not be as good as a sewn mask in the sense that it will not have the professional finish. That bit is up to you – your level of skill and the time you are able to spend on it.  But some folk are not too bothered about that. It works as a face covering and can do the job just as well if….

  • It’s shaped for a good fit around the nose and lower face.
  • It’s made of cotton jersey so an old T-shirt would be perfect
  • It’s folded double so that a filter can be placed in between the layers..
  • It can be re-used after a good few washes

  I came up with this.

 With an old T shirt, some fabric-suitable glue, a free downloadable, printable template, all it involves is some simple cutting, folding and sticking and a small amount of patience and dexterity.  It  comes in three different sizes – for children and adults. These sizes, of course, are average and will not necessarily fit all faces perfectly, However they can be scaled up or down on the printer to meet specific measurements. 

Please note – Face masks must not be worn by children under 2 years old.