At last… a new post. It’s been a while…I’ve been rather busy moving out of our urban pad to a lovely old little townhouse down the road. At last we have space…….and a garden. In between trying to remember what we’d packed in which boxes, my first batch of laundry was soon flapping on the washing line, and an idea for my next blog post was hatched.

I already had plenty of pegs of but something important was missing – one of those lovely litle bags to keep them in. Yes I could’ve bought one for a couple of quid from the value shop on the high street, but I wanted to make one a little bit more interesting and preferably waterproof. no messing around carrying it in and out. We’d been getting a fair amount of rain – I had soggy sheets out there – a cloth pegbag wouldn’t stand a chance. At the same time I was dismayed at the growing pile of bin liners and plastic bags in the corner of my new kitchen as each box was emptied – I try not to use them normally but when moving house it’s pretty difficult to avoid.

Anyway….you can see where I’m going …. recycled carrier bags made from what is known in craft circles as ‘plarn’ (plastic yarn)! Cut up and crocheted, in this case, in fur stitch – just like grass and decorated with a couple of little flowers and a butterfly. Turned out rather kitsch, in fact perfect for plastic! Very easy to make too. The only time-consuming bit was cutting up and joining the plastic but I found it quite thereapeutic. Have a go – give a plazzy bag a new lease of life with my downloadable 4 patterns in 1 and instructions. In the name of recycling and for our lovely planet, this one’s on me.

7 thoughts on “Mama’s Got a Brand New Peg Bag……..Recycled Bin-Liner Peg Bag

  1. Hi,
    I've been crocheting for about 6weeks and love this design of yours…I'm half way through it though I'm copying the concept I'm doing my own "thang" re the pattern…its a great unusual idea and really enjoying it thank-you for letting us habpve the pattern/idea.

  2. Hi Debs, It's my pleasure. Thanks for your nice comments. Really pleased to hear that you're doing your own thing with it, and impressed, particularly when you're so new to crochet. That was, kind of, the idea – so it can be personalised. The options are endless. A bit of fun to brighten up our daily chores, eh.

    • Hi there, I have finished it, changed it a bit but still love it. It is a really cool idea and although quite hard on the hands rewarding at the end. I'm just refurbing my website and would love to link to yours and put a photo of your bag on there too…would you mind this? Thanks again xx

  3. This is awesome! I really really love it. I currently use a very old cane banana bag for my pegs and it is showing its age. This would be a great alternative. Thank you for sharing.

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