Knitting For Beginners

Have you always wanted to be a knitter – to be able to make your own one-off accessories, or special handmade gifts for your friends and family.

Now’s your chance. This is a two week informal course in which you will learn to make make this cozy winter cowl (can also be modified if you prefer a scarf) using extra chunky yarn which knits up nice and quickly so you can see your progress in surprisingly little time.

This is for those of you who have either never picked up a needle or those who tried it so long ago they just can’t remember. It concentates purely on the most simple knitting technique there is, and the basic starter stitch, a very cool, useful and versatile stitch. The main aim of the course is for you to become accustomed to handling the needles and yarn with confidence.

You will be shown how to follow a simple pattern. Once you have mastered the basic knitting skill , you will learn some finishing-off techniques, including casting off and sewing together.

No need to worry about materials – the correct yarn and needles will be supplied and yours to take way, along with a special learner pack containing all the information you’ll need to start knitting, and on which you can build as you progress.

Groups are small (maximum 6 people) to ensure that you get all the attention you need.

Lessons will be friendly ¬†informal and hopefully good fun…. and there will most likely be cake.

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